Admission at Grenaa Gymnasium


Do you wish to apply for admission to Pre-IB, IB Diploma or our Boarding School?

Follow the link below to access our application forms. It is, however, a good idea first to read about our admission criteria and which documents are required.

When applying for the boarding school, Pre-IB or IB at Grenaa Gymnasium, the application process must go through OpenApply, which is a closed and secure system.

Throughout your years at the Grenaa Gymnasium we strive to keep all communication concerning boarding school/Pre-IB/IB in OpenApply.
The application process is in English.

Follow the link below to start the application process.

Next time you login to OpenApply, please use the login-button at Grenaa Gymnasium’s website, you will not be able to search through a search engine and logon to OpenApply.

Application forms for Pre-IB, IB Diploma and our Boarding School

Do you meet the criteria for admission to Pre-IB and IB Diploma?

How do you apply? – find the answers below.
You are also always welcome to contact IB Coordinator Eike Strandsby.