STX at Grenaa Gymnasium

A Danish national upper secondary programme

STX at Grenaa Gymnasium

STX is a three year upper secondary programme

In three years, you will have the broadest entrance to higher education.

As a student at Grenaa Gymnasium, you become part of a strong community with a joint commitment to enable everyone to learn during class.

We also share in the many fun, cozy, challenging, and eye-opening extra-curricular activities.

10 Specialized Study Lines

Grenaa Gymnasium offers ten different study lines within Music, Language, Science  and Social Studies


Music is Heartbeat and Pulse


Access to Cultures


Everything between Atoms and Stars

Social Studies

Go Deeper than Opinions

In secondary school you often wondered what you would use e.g. a mathematical equation for. But at the gymnasium i suddenly makes sense.

What can you become with a STX diploma?

A STX diploma can pave the way to many different further educations, depending on the specific study programme you choose.Here are a few examples:Doctor, engineer, educator, nurse, police officer, teacher, journalist, biotechnician, lawyer, physiotherapist, IT technician, air traffic controller, language officer, social worker, biologist.

Is the boarding school something for you?

Friends and school at your doorstep

Grenaa Gymnasium has a boarding school where you can live while attending the STX program.

Our boarding school might be something for you if you enjoyed being at an “efterskole” before, if you don’t have the option to live at home, or if you simply want to move away from home.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact one of our counsellors.

Picture of Rie B. Kurdahl
Rie B. Kurdahl

Tel.: 5164 8986

Picture of Nina Ø. Lauritzen
Nina Ø. Lauritzen

Tel.: 3138 0888

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