Going to school is more than attending lessons

Extracurricular activities

Our school is more than subjects and buildings

There is more to being a student than doing homework and attending classes. It’s also to be a part of the school’s academic and social life across classes, years, and programmes.

That’s why there are plenty of extracurriculars Grenaa Gymnasium. Some of them are organized by teachers, some by students, and some by a collaboration between students and teachers.

Commitment and creativity


Influence how your school should be

School-wide events

Eye-opening, important, different and maybe even fun

Being global locally

The World is global - also in Grenaa

Music, literature and art

Lots of opportunities for aesthetic creativity

Being curious together


Explore nature through science

School magazine and SoMe

Unleash your inner journalist or instagrammer


Ball games, fitness, yoga etc

Talent development

Extra for the academically strong and committed

During the six months I've been here, I have experienced to much academically and socially. Sometimes you even forget you're at school.

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