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You are entitled to SU (State Educational Grant) from the first full quarter after turning 18 years old.
(The quarters are named January, April, July, and October).

If your birthday is on March 11th – you are eligible for SU from April 1st.
If your birthday is on July 1st – you are eligible for SU from October 1st.

The earliest you can apply is one month before you are due to be accepted to recieve SU.

Example: If your birthday is April the 2nd and you are due to recieve SU on the 1st of July, you can apply for it on the 1st of June.

Please see the section about foreign students if you are not a Danish national.

  • Apply online via MinSU
  • You will need a Danish CPR-number (make sure that the school has it!)
  • You will need your MitID to log in
  • You need a NEMkonto via your bank
  • You also need an e-boks if you do not have one already through your netbank. You will get all of your mail about SU through your e-boks

If you are turning 18 before 1st of July you can apply to get SU from the 1st of August.

As a new boarding school student you need to be aware that you can apply for the status of “student living away from home”, but only after the start of September as you move into the boarding school after the 1st of August.

Remember to note in your application that you will live in a boarding school 

Read the section about students living away from home.

Like everyone else you have to fulfil the conditions to obtain status as a “student living away from home”.

Please read the section: “I am/will be living away from home…”

It is up to you if you want to officially change your address at the “folkeregister” but it is a good idea to have your mail address at the boarding school: Fuglevænget 84, DK – 8500 Grenaa.

If you are due to get SU at the start of the school year (August) – you need to be aware that you move into the boarding school after the 1st of August and therefore you will not officially be considered for an extra contribution until the 1st of September.

Remember to note in your application. that you are a student living in a boarding school 

SU cannot be given retrospectively (unlike the residence permit/visa. Please be aware that you may have to apply for residence from the appropriate date).

If you are a foreign student you can apply for SU up to 3 months before you are to supposed to receive your first SU payment. Such cases take much longer to process. E.g. if your birthday is April the 2nd and you are due to get SU on the 1st of July you can apply on the 1st of April at the earliest. The exception is if you are eligible to receive SU on the 1st of January as applications for SU in the new year do not open until December. You must make sure that the school has your Danish CPR-number before you apply for SU. Please e-mail it a.s.a.p. to:

When you apply online and get to the page which contains your receipt – remember to print it. You need to print it along with the form for non-Danish citizens, which you will find as a link on the webpage. The form needs to be filled out and handed in to the office (along with the receipt) as soon as possible.

If your parents do not have a Danish income – you need to document it and send in copies of their income in  two years prior to the year which you wish to apply in. This needs to be repeated every year in January. Remember to write your CPR number in all documents and send them via your e-boks to the SUstyrelsen. You can also hand them in at the school office.

If you continue into IB1 at Grenaa Gymnasium you need to be aware of the change between Pre-IB and IB1 as they are two different educations.

Your SU will always stop on the 30th of June in the year that you finish Pre-IB.

IB1 starts (unlike all other educations) on the 1st of July. Therefore you have to APPLY FOR SU AGAIN on the 1st of July in the year which you start IB 1. The earliest you can apply is the 5th of June in the same year.

You can always see the tariff on MinSU.

You will get an email in your e-boks telling you precisely how much money you will get.

Neither your counsellor or people who work for SU can tell you exactly how much money you will receive. The ”Styrelsen for Videregående Uddannelser” calculates your SU based on information from the Danish tax office.

When you are under 20 years old the amount you get is always dependent on your parents’ income.

Whether you live at home or not can also influence SU – read the section about students living away from home.

Under normal circumstances you will receive your SU on the last working day of the month and the SU is paid out in advance. E.g you will get your SU for April on the 31st of March.

You need to fill out the “SU Lån” section of your online application.

You can get a loan within the month you apply for it.

If you wish to get a loan in the middle of your education you also apply directly on MinSU.

If you want to cancel you can also do that directly on MinSU.

The deadline for canceling the loan is the 15th of the month before you wish to cancel it.

You can check how much you can loan, how to pay it back, interest rates etc on MinSU.

You can always follow your application on MinSU.

If you are a foreign national or you are applying based on your parent’s income there are typically delays which mean that it can take up to 8-12 weeks.

Did you remember to hand in all the relevant papers and documents in relation to not living at home, not being a Danish Citizen and/or about your parents’ income?

On MinSU check that you have remembered to approve your loan schedule and the terms and conditions for the loan.

Your SU is paid to your NEMkonto and therefore you do not need to inform anyone about your new account number.

You need to make sure that you have a NEMkonto. If you wish to change your NEMkonto you need to contact the bank or change it at

If you are under the age of 20 you can in some special cases apply for a grant that gives you the right to receive SU as if you are living away from home.

There are four different options:

  • Your parents live at least 20 km from the school
  • It takes more than 75 minutes to get to or from school with public transport
  • You have lived away from home for at least one year before you become eligible for the financial support
  • Special circumstances at home which mean that it is unreasonable to expect you to live at home. All of the special circumstances need to be documented on a form – so come into the school office and hear more about it.
  • You need to remember to print, fill out and hand in “Ansøgning om dispensation til udeboendesats” (application for dispensation for students living away from home) which is linked to from the receipt web page and hand it into the office as soon as possible.
  • You need to register that you’ve moved on the “folkeregister” by the first of the month to receive SU as living away from home in that same month. Example: If you are moving on the 15th of the month you will not be able to receive SU as living away from home until the next month.

Quite a lot. You have an annual allowance that you can earn besides receiving SU.

This amount can be three different levels – low, medium or high. Which level you qualify for depends on e.g. whether you are receiving SU for the whole year, are full time studying etc.  

You can read about the levels and which one you qualify for on MinSU (where you can also try out the calculator).

In case you earn more money than the yearly amount you’ll have to cancel you SU. This you have to do at

If your parents have a regular income in Denmark you are not required to send in anything. SUstyrelsen will know your parents income by co-ordinating with the Danish tax office (SKAT). They use the income which was made two years prior to your application.

If your parents do not have a Danish income you need to document their income by adding attachments of their income two years prior to the year you apply for. This needs to be repeated every January.

Remember to add your CPR number on all the documents and send them to the SUstyrelsen (via your e-boks) or hand them in at the school’s office.

Remember to print and fill out the “Oplysning om dine forældres indkomst” which you will receive in a letter from SU in your e-Boks.

The SUstyrelse receives information about your parents’ income through the Danish tax system. They use the income from two years prior.

That means you should only apply for SU based on your parents’income if the income has changed radically within the last two years. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Unemployment
  • Long term illness
  • Bankruptcy
  • Retirement


If you apply for SU based on your parents income, remember to print the receipt page and hand it in to the office, along with the documentation mentioned on the receipt, as soon as possible.

You always need to inform the “folkeregister” ( that you are moving and the SUstyrelsen will therefore automatically know about your new address.

Remember also to inform the school’s office about your new address.

Maybe your SU will be affected as holiday money count as part of your yearly income in the tax year when the holiday money was earned.

Typically you will pay tax in the year the money was earned, but if you are not sure ask your local tax office or your employer.

You will still receive SU. You just need to remember economic returns (e.g. interest) will count in your yearly income.

You are responsible – remember to read all the guidance and supporting material thoroughly.

When you receive SU you can be punished if you give the wrong information.

Therefore it is your obligation to inform them about any changes which relate to your SU.

Be sure that you know your obligations when receiving SU

You need to contact SKAT if you have any questions regarding tax or your rate of tax:

Phone: +45 72 22 18 18
X (Twitter): @skattefar
Facebook: SKATdanmark

Log on with your NemID and do as follows:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the site and choose “Sprog/Language: English”
  • Choose the tab ”Show my mail in folders”
  • Choose ”Write new mail”
  • In the space ”To” click on ”Select recipient”
  • Under ”Or find via category” choose ”Public authorities/State” in the drop down-menu and click on the magnifier
  • Click on the arrow > by ”Styrelsen for Institutioner og Uddannelsesstøtte”
  • Click on the arrow > by ”Statens Uddannelsesstøtte (SU)”
  • Choose the relevant subtopic in the menu which opens underneath: If your are a foreign citizen choose “Foreign citizens SU”. If your enquiry regards studies in Denmark choose “SU (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte)”, if it regards studies abroad choose “SU i udlandet”
  • Specify what your enquiry relates to, in the drop down-menu that appears.
  • If the nature of your enquiry requires you to upload any documents, click on the paper clip icon.
  • Fill in “Social Security number” and “Name”
  • When you have drawn up your mail, click “Send”


It is possible to upload up to 4 MB pr. mail.

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