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Grenaa Gymnasiums IB Ambassadors are ready to explain about their IB experience

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Our IB Ambassadors are current and graduate students from Grenaa Gymnasium

The IB ambassadors are available to answer your questions if you are considering applying for the IB Diploma programme at Grenaa Gymnasium and about Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school.

They are familiar with and respect the IB Diploma programme at Grenaa Gymnasium, as well as the daily life at the boarding school.

How do you contact an IB Ambassador?

Phone call, email or social media

Grenaa Gymnasium’s IB ambassadors are eager to share their personal experiences and insights about the IB Diploma program at Grenaa Gymnasium.

To connect with a current IB student or one of last year’s IB graduates, you can find their contact information by scrolling down on the page here.

Feel free to reach out to them via phone, email or social media, and they will be happy to answer your questions and provide valuable information about their IB journey at Grenaa Gymnasium.

Grenaa Gymnasiums IB-ambassadører

Adela IB Ambassador .jpg
Adela Smith
Current student

Speaks Thai and English
Tlf.: +45 5271 7595

Alma IB Ambassador.jpg
Alma Lundager Sørensen
Current student

Speaks Danish and English
Tlf.: +45 5240 4500

Andreea IB Ambassador.jpg
Andreea Balmus
Current student

Speaks Romanian and English
Tlf.: +45 5029 0079

IB Ambassador Grenaa Gymnasium IB World School
Bruno Greca Menescal
Current student

Speaks Portuguese, Italian and English
Tlf.: +45 6990 6586

Krisztian IB Ambassador 1 1.jpg
Krisztián Klubicza
Current student

Speaks Hungarian and English
Tlf.: +36 703067714

Lisa Marie IB Ambassador 1.jpg
Lisa-Marie Schüll
Current student

Speaks German and English
Tlf.: +49 157 33227 509

Matyas IB Ambassador 871 X 850.jpg
Matyás Supka
Current student

Speaks Czech and English
Tlf.: +420 705 210 640

IMG 9079.jpeg
Oliver Sebastian Sánchez Møberg
Current student

Speaks Spanish, Danish and English
Tlf.: +45 7164 2114

Polina Kozina
Current student

Speaks Latvian, Russian and English
Tlf.: +371 29 123 920

StanisAa‚aw Ryszard Kozikowski .jpg
Stanislaw Kozikowski
Current student

Speaks Polish and English
Tlf.: +48 516 549 779

Yana Shepetko .jpg
Yana Shepetko
Current student

Speaks Ukranian and English
Tlf.: +45 5271 7595

Amaya Senor IB Ambassador Grenaa Gymnasium 2.jpg
Amaya González Señor
IB Graduate 2024

Speaks Spanish and English
Tlf.: +34 6292 54 357

Andreas Machon Aabenhus .jpg
Andreas Machon Aabenhus
IB Graduate 2024

Speaks Danish and English
Tlf.: +45 2364 9170

Arthur IB Diploma Ambassador Grenaa Gymnasium.jpg
Arthur Gasparetto
IB Graduate 2024

Speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English
Tlf.: +45 5275 6074

Marcell VirA¡gh .jpg
Marcell Virágh
IB Graduate 2024

Speaks Hungarian and English
Tlf.: +45 5030 2996

Theodora Nay .jpg
Theodora Nay
IB Graduate 2024

Speaks French and English
Tlf.: +33 (0)7 6720 7222

Do you have questions?

Please contact one of our counsellors if you have further questions.

Picture of Jacob Kjærgaard
Jacob Kjærgaard

Tel.: 87584061

Picture of Nina Ø. Lauritzen
Nina Ø. Lauritzen

Tel.: 3138 0888

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