School magazine and SoMe

Unleash your innner journalist or instagrammer

The school magazine

Faktisk is edited by students

The school magazine “Faktisk” shines a spotlight on students and events at Grenaa Gymnasium.

It features interviews, updates from committees, surveys, top 10 lists, short stories, and whatever the editorial team comes up with.

The editorial team consists of a group of students who meet approximately every 3 weeks. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute to the magazine’s content.

SoMe committees

SoMeGG and SoMeBoarding

Grenaa Gymnasium has two official Instagram profiles, and the content is largely created by students.

“SoMeGG” shares everyday life and events on Instagram and Facebook, while “SoMeBoarding” showcases the daily life and the many enjoyable experiences and activities at Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school.

More extracurriculars at Grenaa Gymnasium

Music, litterature and art

Cultivate and enhance your artistic creativity

Talent development

Extra for the academically strong and committed


Extracurricular sports activities is offering shared experiences

Being global locally

Help saving the world a little bit

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