HF at Grenaa Gymnasium

A Danish national upper secondary programme

HF in two years

Can give access to many higher educations

In HF (Higher Preparatory Examination), you are taught by dedicated teachers in a safe atmosphere.

You experience acceptance and inclusivity alongside other young individuals.

You are prepared for higher education.

You also have the opportunity to be part of the community through numerous extracurricular activities.

Subject package and electives

Choosing a subject package and electives you costumize the HF programme to suit your interests

HF Sport

Read about the subject package focusing on body and movement

HF Health

Read about the subject package focusing on body and mind

HF Society

Read about the subject package focusing on individuals and communities

The opportunity to do homework during school hours means that I can participate without feeling guilty.

What can you become after HF?

An HF diploma can provide access to many different educational programmes.

Here are some examples: educator, nurse, police officer, biotechnician, social worker, teacher, journalist, lawyer, physiotherapist, IT technician, air traffic controller.

Grenaa Gymnasium's Boarding School

Grenaa Gymnasium has a boarding school where you can live while attending the HF programme.

Our boarding school might be something for you if you enjoyed attending an “efterskole” earlier, if you don’t have the option to live at home, or if you simply want to move away from home.

Grenaa Gymnasium har en kostskole
Do you have questions?

Please contact one of our counsellors if you have further questions.

Picture of Rie B. Kurdahl
Rie B. Kurdahl

Tel.: 5164 8986

Picture of Hanne Kjærgaard Hansen
Hanne Kjærgaard Hansen

Tel.: 87584069

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