Parents' FAQ

Questions and answers regarding your teenager’s schooling at Grenaa Gymnasium

Parents' FAQs

Your son or daughter is the best source of information to curricular and extracurricular activities at Grenaa Gymnasium.

In addition, it is a good idea to check  our Calendar  and the news section on this site.

You can also follow Grenaa Gymnasium on Facebook and/or Instagram

It is important that your son/daugher gives top-priority to his/her school work. You can support him/her in this in several ways:

Take an interest
Ask your son/daughter about everyday life at the school on a regular basis.

A quiet place for studying
Your son/daughter needs a quiet place for doing his/her homework and written assignments. There must be room for books and folders.
If it is not possible for you to make such a place available, your son/daughter can use the school’s facilities.
The school is open until 5 pm on weekdays and is closed during weekends.

A sparetime job should not become too time-consuming
If your son/daughter spends too much time at a sparetime job, there might be too little time to do day-to-day homework and written assignments. This might very well inflict negatively on his/her learning and hence most likely on the final exam results.
You should be especially aware of the amount of time spent on sparetime work if he/she

  • also has other sparetime activities
  • has low grades
  • doesn’t have time for family members, friends or for other leisure activities.

No, basically this is not true:

STX: Daily homework assignments and up to 7 hours of written submissions per week.

HF: In the first year, only written submissions, approximately 3-7 hours of written work per week. In the second year, daily homework assignments are added. The workload increases throughout the year.

IB: Daily homework assignments and up to 11 hours of written submissions per week.

Completion guidance: Your son/daughter is assigned a counsellor who, as needed, seeks to support them in completing their education.

Reading guidance is an offer for students with reading/writing difficulties. At the beginning of the first year, the school’s reading advisors investigate whether there are students in need of extra support.

Subject-specific guidance is provided by the school’s teachers. Your son/daughter will receive individual subject-specific guidance, among other things, in connection with larger project assignments.

  • All classes must be attended
  • The teachers do name call at the beginning of every lesson
  • Students cannot get any extra time off for driving lessons, visits to the doctor or dentist, extraordinary vacations etc.
  • In the case of absenteeism, your son/daughter will be called for an interview to clarify the reasons for it. If the absenteeism continues without any reasonable cause, your son/daughter will be given a letter of warning. If the absenteeism isn’t then reduced, your son/daughter might be expelled from school.
  • If the cause of absenteeism is e.g. due to Health issues or the death of a family member, the school must be contacted, so that we can take it into account before we might resort to a letter of warning or expulsion.


Futher information is available in School Regulations and Rules

STX and HF

For STX and HF students, there is a requirement to move up to the next grade level if the student has an average grade of at least 02.

The average grade is calculated based on any yearly grades, term test grades, and exam grades.

IB Diploma

For IB students, it is required that they have a point total of at least 24 in their subjects when moving up to the next grade level.

The point total is calculated by adding up the latest grades in their subjects.

From Pre-IB to IB

Grenaa Gymnasium admits Pre-IB students to the IB Diploma program if their grades, attitude towards school, and any other relevant factors suggest that they are likely to successfully complete the program.

Your son’s/daughter’s examination dates can be found on Lectio.

Ask your son/daughter to log in to access the exam schedule.

Students at Grenaa Gymnasium receive grades and feedback continuously.  

Grades and feedback at Grenaa Gymnasium: when and how

Do you have questions?

Please contact one of our counsellors if you have further questions.

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