You can have a say on how your school should be

Democracy at Grenaa Gymnasium

You have a voice. Use it!

As a student at Grenaa Gymnasium, you share both everyday life and festivities with all the other students and staff.

That’s why you have the opportunity to have a say in how things should be at the school. This applies to small matters as well as larger overarching decisions.

We believe that you will come to experience that our democracy can be both fun and exciting, sometimes challenging and dull, but absolutely necessary and always meaningful.

The Student Council

Become your class’ representative

In the Student Council, all classes are represented, and the Student Council serves as the link to the school’s various committees, where you as a student can participate in changing and improving things big and small at the school.

There is a student council meeting approximately once a month.

At the beginning of the school year, each class elects two representatives to the Student Council. You of course decide for yourself if you want to run for election.

If you are elected, you have responsibilities such as attending the meetings and conveying information between the student council and your class.

Student teams

Well-being in your class

The student teams focus on the well-being of each class.

Each class has a student team consisting of three members, who are elected by the class from among all those in the class.

Elections for the student team can take place once or twice a year. You naturally decide if you want to run for election.

The task of the student team is to collaborate with the rest of the class and the class teachers to create a positive academic and social environment in the class.

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