STX Electives

STX Electives

With elective subjects you can costumize your STX program

Music or Visual Arts

Before the start of your studies, you must choose between music and visual arts. If you want to be in one of the music study programs, you have already chosen music beforehand.

Second language
Before the start of your studies, you must indicate your 2nd foreign language preference: middle level German, higher level French, or higher level Spanish. Your final choice will be made in October when you also select your specialized study program.

Free choice subjects

At the end of 1st year (1.g) or 2nd year (2.g), you must choose one or two elective subjects.

Grenaa Gymnasium offers the following elective subjects:

 Science electives:

Astronomy (basic level), Biology (basic and middle level), Physics (middle and higher level), Chemistry (basic, middle and higher level), Physical Geography (basic level), Mathematics (middle and higher level)

Physical Education

(middle level)

Language electives

English (higher level), Latin (basic and middle level), German (middle and higher level)

Art electives

Visual Arts (middle level), Design (basic and middle level),  Music (basic and middle level)

Other subjects within humnanities

Philosophy (basic and middle level), Psychology (basic and middle level), Comparative religion (middle level)

Business Economy
(basic level)

Social Studies  
(middle and higher level)

10 Study Lines

Grenaa Gymnasium offers ten different study lines focusing on Music, Language, Science or Social Studies


Music is Heartbeat and Pulse


Access to Cultures


Everything between Atoms and Stars

Social Studies

Go Deeper than Opinions

Do you have questions?

Please contact one of our counsellors if you have further questions.

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