Study trip and Excursions

Study trip, excursions and exchanges

Learning away from school

The study trip will be on of the most memorable experiences 

During the study trip, you are together with your class and two of your teachers in a different way than usual.

Together, you experience places and people that Grenaa cannot offer.

However, the study trip is just one of several trips you have the opportunity to go on.

Scroll down to have information on for example duration and cost of  language trips, excursions, and Erasmus+ exchanges.

Trips and travels with Grenaa Gymnasium

Duration, time of year, costs, etc.

Intro stay-over at outdoor centre Karpenhøj

Who: All first-year students in STX, HF and Pre-IB                 

When: August/September  

Duration: 24 hours

Expenses: You pay for your food

The purpose of the trip is to allow you to get to know your new class mates better. 

Read more about school start at Grenaa Gymnasium

STX and HF

Who: all finishing year students at STX and HF

When: Last week of September or first week of October

Duration: 5-10 days depending on the destination

Expenses: 4500 – 6500 Dkr, excl. food, pocket money and insurance. 


Who: All IB1 students

When: In the spring term

Duration: 5-7 days

Expenses: up to 4500 Dkr, excl. food, pocket money and insurance

Who: All students can participate.

When: Varies

Duration: 5-6 days.

Udgift: Usually it is free, except for pocket money.

Erasmus exchange is an opportunity for those who have a special desire to meet young people from other European countries.

Grenaa Gymnasium collaborates on exchanges with two schools, one in Spain and one in Italy.

You will be accommodated privately with a high school student in the country you visit, and you will host a student when they visit Grenaa Gymnasium.

Erasmus exchange is funded by Erasmus+, which is the EU’s programme for education, training, youth, and sport.

The purpose is to promote awareness of European values among young people. 

Excursions are shorter trips outside the school buildings.

They can last from a few hours to a maximum of three days and may include visits to, for example, museums, scientific institutions, ministries, companies, or religious institutions.

As a student in either STX, HF, or IB, you can expect to go on one or more excursions.


The school may charge you for participation in shorter excursions and for the study trip that is part of the curriculum.

All payments for excursions, study trips, and exchange journeys are processed through Studiz.

Excursions costing more than 80 DKK per day are voluntary.

If you choose not to participate in an excursion, you are required to attend other classes at the school.

The school’s board has set an upper limit for the expenses related to study trips and excursions.

You have the opportunity to apply for a subsidy from GG-legatet (the GG Fund). Contact the school office for further information.

Support the GG Fund? – Contact the school office


All trips are educational with mandatory attendance for all scheduled activities.

You must respect the rules set by the teachers regarding alcohol consumption, behavior, etc.

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