IB Core Elements

Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, Creativity Activity Service

IB Core Elements

The three core elements are mandatory

Extended Essay (EE)

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Creativity Activity Service (CAS)

The core of IB Diploma provides you with the opportunity to develop your engagement and agency both locally and globally, sharpen your skills in investigating and communicating an academic issue, and strengthen your awareness of what knowledge entails.


Knowledge and research, commitment and creativity

The Extended Essay provides you with the opportunity to write a mini-university assignment on a topic that interests you.

It is a substantial written work where you must demonstrate your ability to conduct an in-depth investigation of a topic that you have chosen and defined yourself.

This allows you to showcase that you can:

  • Work independently, disciplined, and purposefully
  • Illuminate a problem logically, clearly, and thoroughly
  • Adhere to requirements for scope and formal assignment criteria



You will receive a thorough introduction to the process and guidance from a relevant subject teacher in all stages of the process.
The process takes place in the latter part of IB1 and the early part of IB2.


The assignment is assessed by an external examiner.

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In Theory of Knowledge (TOK), we investigate what knowledge is and how we can know anything about the universe, nature, societies, and cultures, both in the past and the present.

You will learn:

  • To see connections between subjects
  • To understand the fundamental methods of different disciplines
  • To critically reflect on various perspectives on knowledge
  • To reflect on how knowledge is perceived in your own culture and other cultures



We use a textbook and collectively think about and discuss examples and cases from different areas of knowledge.

For instance, we might use a small brain scanner to explore whether humans have free will or if the brain functions merely as a machine.

Throughout the course, we continually prepare for the exam.


You will:

  • Write an essay
  • Deliver an oral presentation


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Creativity Activity Service (CAS) provides you with the opportunity to develop your interest and ability to actively engage with the world around you.

Creativity: visual arts, music, creative writing, theatre, design
Activity: All kinds of individual sports and team sports
Service: Involves unpaid, voluntary work for the benefit of others.

CAS expands your horizons beyond purely intellectual pursuits and challenges you in new areas, for example, by:

  • Planning and initiating activities for the benefit of others or your own personal development.
  • Demonstrating commitment, initiative, and the ability to collaborate.
  • Engaging with global and local issues.
  • Participating in various sports and leisure activities.



You can receive assistance in structuring your CAS programme from Grenaa Gymnasium’s CAS Coordinator or one of the CAS Supervisors.
The school has connections with local associations and institutions that would welcome your help.


To achieve your IB Diploma, you must be able to document in your CAS portfolio that you have continuously engaged in various CAS activities throughout your IB programme.

Your CAS portfolio should demonstrate a balance between Creativity, Activity, and Service, and you must fulfill 7 learning objectives related to CAS.

Additionally, you should have planned and executed at least one CAS project lasting at least one month.

Examples of CAS activities at Grenaa Gymnasium:

  • Red Cross: fundraising and other aid work (Service)
  • Creative writing (Creativity)
  • Joining the school choir (Creativity)
  • Model United Nations (Model United Nations)
  • Running and strenght training

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