School start

At Grenaa Gymnasium we focus on the well-being og every single student from the first day of school

A good beginning at Grenaa Gymnasium

Focusing on the class community

A significant prerequisite for gaining value from the education is to feel part of the class community.

That’s why the first day of school is filled with activities that provide a great opportunity to start getting to know each other.

Throughout August and September, all classes go on a 1½-day stay at the DGI Karpenhøj Nature and Outdoor Center.

Especially during the first year, but also in the second and potentially third years at Grenaa Gymnasium, the class teachers have a yearly plan that ensures a continuous focus on creating a secure framework within the class, characterized by camaraderie, openness, and mutual respect among the students.

Buddy Pairs

From the first day of school, each student becomes part of a buddy pair

The buddies keep an eye on each other’s well-being during classes and breaks.

Two buddy pairs form a buddy group, which functions as a work group during classes.

Every 3 weeks, the buddy pairs change, so each student gets to know and work with many others in the class

Which kind of class does the class want to be?

You learn best when school is not just about teaching, but also a community where you feel happy and secure.

After the first few weeks, the class, together with the class team teachers, sets some goals for how they want to treat each other. They discuss with the class team teachers how they can create the best environment for the class to become a community that everyone feels a part of.

It was really nice to get to know the class better, and Karpenhøj was a cool place to do so

Guidance and Support

Grades and feedback

Read about academic evaluation and feedback: when and how

Reading or writing difficulties?

Support is available. Read more here

Examination anxiety?

Support is available. Read more here

Disabled-friendly facilities

Read about the accesibility at Grenaa Gymnasium

Do you have questions?

Please contact one of our counsellors if you have further questions.

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