Pre-IB and IB Diploma

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Pre-IB and IB Diploma

Benefit from 20 years’ IB experience at Grenaa Gymnasium

As a student in Pre-IB and IB Diploma, you will be taught by dedicated, experienced, and academically competent teachers.

You will be prepared for higher education in Denmark or abroad.

Your daily life is in an international environment, and you have the opportunity to engage in numerous extracurricular activities 

Grenaa Gymnasium has 510 students and a little less half of them are Pre-IB and IB students.

Neither Pre-IB or IB is suitable for short or long term exchange.

IB Subjects and Core Elements

The IB Diploma programme consists of six subject groups and tree core elements.  


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IB Subjects

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IB Core Elements

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IB Ambassadors

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Consider IB Diploma

Is IB for you?

The IB education might be suitable for you if you are prepared for a very high academic level and a substantial amount of homework.

All instruction is conducted in English, so it is essential that you are proficient in both spoken and written English.

The IB Diploma itself lasts for two years, and the level in IB1 corresponds to 2nd year (STX) in the Danish education system.

If you do not have an academic level equivalent to the 1st year (1.g), you should apply for admission to Pre-IB.

Neither Pre-IB nor IB is suitable for short or long term exchange.

Who chooses IB?

The Pre-IB and IB programme (International Baccalaureate) addresses different student target groups. 

You might consider the IB education if:

  • You plan to pursue higher education abroad or an internationally oriented education in Denmark.
  • Your native language is not Danish, and you do not have sufficient proficiency in Danish to take a Danish studentereksamen (STX or HF).
  • You have spent a year abroad and wish to maintain the international perspective.
  • Your parents work abroad, and you want to maintain your connection to Denmark while also preserving the possibility of further education abroad.
  • You are already attending an IB school.

What can you become with an IB Diploma?

The IB Diploma is a good alternative to STX, and it provides access to many higher education programmes both in Denmark and abroad.

Here are some examples of potential career paths with an IB Diploma:

Doctor, engineer, teacher, journalist, biomedical laboratory technician, lawyer, physiotherapist, IT technician, air traffic controller, language officer, social worker, biologist, designer

Do you have questions?

Please contact the IB Coordinator or a counsellor if you have further questions.

Picture of Eike Boysen
Eike Boysen

IB Coordinator
Tel.: 87584059

Picture of Nina Ø. Lauritzen
Nina Ø. Lauritzen

Tel.: 31380888

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