School Regulations

The short versions of the School Regulations and Rules of Conduct

Rules at Grenaa Gymnasium

A good day at school every day

The school’s rules are in place so that you and all other students and staff at the school can have a good everyday life where learning is at the center.

You should show respect towards the school’s students and staff by being open and helpful and by taking responsibility for your own behavior.

You should contribute to a good learning atmosphere by being prepared for lessons and actively participating in all forms of teaching.

In addition, there are several specific rules that you need to know.

Below are the summarized versions. Find full version of the Study and School Rules of Conduct here 

School Regulations and Rules

The Short Version

You are not allowed to drink and to be under the influence of alcohol at the school’s premises

The head of school can exempt from the ban on alcohol on special occasions

You are under no circumstances allowed to consume or be intoxicated by any kind of euphoriant at the schools premises

If you violate these rules, you may be expelled from the school.

You are obliged to do all written assignments during the school year and at examinations yourself.

There are three reasons for this:

  • Learning by doing: If you don’t write your assignments yourself, you don’t learn anything.
  • You betray the confidence of the teachers and the school
  • If you cheat at an examination, you will have to be re-examined the next year

Clean up after yourself when leaving any indoor and outdoor area.

Treat the school’s equipment and furniture appropriately.

Procedures for complaints over grades

Formal complaints over final exam grades and end-of-year exam grades must be issued to the Head of School within two weeks of the announcement of the grades in question.

Procedures for complaints over sanctions

Formal complaints over sanctions applied due to violation of the School Regulations and Rules of Conduct must be issued within either 10 or 5 days after the sanctions have been enforced.

Read the full version of complaints procedures here

Eat and drink in the canteen

It is forbidden to eat in the class rooms, the PC-rooms, the library, the reading room and the auditorium.

Clean up after yourself

Any kind of bullying, harassment or violence is unacceptable.

If you feel bullied, harassed and/or subjected to violence, you must report it to a teacher or a counsellor.
Additionally, violence must be reported to the police.

If you see anyone at school being bullied, harassed or subjected to violence, you must report it to a teacher or a counsellor.
Additionally, violence must be reported to the police.

You are obliged to do homework for alle lessons according to the instructions from your teachers.

You are obliged to hand in written assignments punctually.

You can:

  • Use the school’s PCs and internet for educational purposes
  • Use PC, tablet or phone during lessons if the teacher has permitted you to do so.


You can not

  • Use PC, tablet or phone for private purposes during learning activities
  • Upload to the internet pictures or films of the school’s staff or students unless they and the school have given you their permission to do so.

Lectio is Grenaa Gymnasium’s electronic timetable.

You are obliged to log into Lectio every day to stay updated on:

  • homework and written assignments
  • changes to the timetable
  • messages from your teachers and the school office.

The school will require a medical certificate if you:

  • stay away from an exam
  • wishes to be exempted from PE-classes for a relatively long period


You must pay for medical certificates required.

You are obliged to attend all lessons punctually, hand in all written assignments on the designated date and take part in all written and oral mock exams.

If you are absent from lessons or do not hand in assignments you might be sceduled for an interview. The purpose of the interview will be to establish the reasons for your absenteeism so that it can be reduced.

Hereafter the procedure is as follows:

  • If your absenteeism continues you will be sceduled for another interview.
  • If your absenteeism continues still, you will receive a written caution. If you are less than 18 years old one of your parents or your guardian will have to sign it. If you are more than 18 years old you must sign it yourself.
  • If your absenteeism continues further still, the school can decide one or several sanctions (see Rule violation)

If you don’t observe the Study and School Rules, the school can decide on sanctions against you. The sanctions will always depend on a specific assessment.

The sanctions can take the following forms:

  • You are summoned do your written assignments at school
  • If the school believes that you are not active as a student, it can decide to deprive you of State Educational Support
  • You can be submitted to tests in all subjects at your school year level
  • If you are an STX student you can be submitted to exams in all subjects
  • You can forfeit your right to take exams
  • You can be excluded from specific activites at the school
  • You can be sent home before time from study trips and excursions
  • You can be expelled from the school for up to ten days
  • You can be expelled from the school permanently

Any kind of smoking, including E-cigarets, at the school’s indoor and outdoor premises, is forbidden.

Study trips and ekskursions are learning activities outside the school’s premises. This means that you and your class mates represent Grenaa Gymnasium at the places you visit.

From this follows that

  • The School Regulations and Code of Conduct apply also on study trips and excursions
  • You can not drink any alcohol on a study trip or excursion, unless permission has been given by the teachers
  • You can not consume or be intoxicated by any kind of euphoriant


And therefore

  • If your behavior is inappropriate, the teachers can send you home without any warning and at your own expenses.


Mandatory Attendance
Attendance is mandatory for trips at a daily cost below DKkr. 80,-

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