Being global locally

The World is global, also in Grenaa

Being global locally

Shared efforts against global challenges

Get involved in activities like the annual national charity event Danmarks Indsamling, participate in UN role-playing, join Operation One Day’s Work, have a blast on Global Days, and push Grenaa Gymnasium towards a more sustainable direction.

Together, we can achieve much more than we think, and it’s a lot more fun. Give it a try!

Global Days

Find solutions together with students from other classes, programmes and years

The regular schedule is canceled during Global Days.

Instead, you will collaborate with students from other classes and years to devise solutions to global issues that concern us all.

The day concludes with a presentation of the solutions in the auditorium – and cake!

The Global Group

Do something good for other people because you can

In the Global Group, you are involved in organizing activities with a global perspective.

For example, you might organize fun fundraising activities at the school in connection with Denmark’s Collection Day every year around February 1st. It strengthens the sense of community for everyone at the school.

You can also participate in Global Gymnasiums‘ inspirational workshops, where you and the others in the group come up with ideas for activities at the school and get to know students from other high schools.

The Environment Council

Help saving the world just a little bit

The Environment Council works on ideas for how Grenaa Gymnasium can be operated more sustainably – and pushes for changes to be implemented at the school.

This could include things like waste sorting in classrooms, alternatives to single-use plastic cups at parties, or reducing food waste in the Boarding School and canteen.

The Environment Council consists of students, a teacher and the works manager.

Operation One Day's Work

Be part of something big, fun and meaningful

In Operation One Day’s Work (OD), you help young people in another part of the world with education and schooling.

You do this by working for a day and donating your daily wage.

You can also join the OD group and be involved in organizing activities like fashion shows, assemblies, and parties at Grenaa Gymnasium as part of OD. Jobs need to be found, and daily wages need to be collected as well.

Model United Nations

Hands on world future

Grenaa Gymnasium participates in Model United Nations (MUN) every year, which is a kind of global role-playing game that provides you with significant insight into how the United Nations operates and strives to prevent and resolve conflicts.

By participating in MUN, you will:

  • Gain extensive knowledge about the functioning of the United Nations
  • Build an international network
  • Experience a unique way of learning

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Cultivate and enhance your artistic creativity

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Unleash your inner journalist or instagrammer


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