Explore nature through science

Science Club

Passionate about science? – this is the place for you

Science Club is a extracurricular activity for you who have a special interest in science or who needs extra lab time for a project assignment.

Science Club is run by the students who choose to participate. You decide together which activities to include. The teachers in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biology provide limited assistance.

Activities in Science Club


Explosions: By creating high pressure in a tube, it’s possible to shoot an orange quite far. You will investigate the significance of pressure and angle for maximum shooting distance.

The Human Body: How do you measure your overall health? Get a handle on your BMI, body fat percentage, resting heart rate, and blood pressure.

Go on a trip! For example, visit Aarhus University to attend a lecture.

Get extra lab time for your project assignment.
For example: Make your own lactose-free milk, Is there microplastic on Grenaa Beach? or: Sustainable food – create an insect farm.

Science Club for Kids

Teach science to kids

In Videnskabsklubben (Science Club for Kids), you become the teacher and make science exciting for 4th-grade students.

In 2022, the topic was “Primate Evolution,” and you will be prepared for this task during a training day in Aarhus, alongside high school students from other schools.

You’ll also receive teaching materials, so you won’t have to invent everything yourself. This opportunity allows you to share your passion for science and inspire younger students on their scientific journey.

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