Reading and/or writing difficulties?

Support is available at Grenaa Gymnasium

Reading and/or writing difficulties?

Our reading and writing counselors can help

Learn techniques to read better:

  • Improve your ability to remember what you read
  • Learn the differences between reading an assignment in subjects like physics
    and one in English
  • Increase your reading speed


Learn to write better:

  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation
  • Assignment writing: Getting started, remembering what to include, etc.


All first year students will be screened for dyslexia

If the screening results indicate that a student may have dyslexia, the reading counselor can conduct a test for it here at the gymnasium.

If a student is diagnosed with dyslexia, we can apply for support for an IT backpack.

With an IT backpack, the student can have all texts read aloud.

Other types of support?

If the issue is other types of disabilities, we can apply for funding for study support hours or secretary assistance.

Please do not hesitate to inquire.vvv

Guidance and Support

Grades and feedback

Academic evaluation and feedback: when and how

School start

Each student's well-being from day one. Read here

Examination anxiety?

Support is available at Grenaa Gymnasium. Read here

Disabled-friendly facilities

Read about the accesibility at Grenaa Gymnasium

Do you have questions?

Please contact our Reading and Writing Counsellors

Picture of Pia Toftgaard
Pia Toftgaard

Tel.: 87584073

Picture of Louise Honoré
Louise Honoré

Tel.: 87584073

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