Sports at Grenaa Gymnasium


Being physically active together

Extracurricular sports activities at Grenaa Gymnasium offer opportunities to gather and have fun with activities like table tennis, yoga, step aerobics, basic training, basketball, or other sports and disciplines.

Sometimes, especially on the sports day, which is held every other year, there might also be opportunities to try out activities outside of school, such as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), padel tennis, regular tennis, and similar sports.

Football match of the year

The school has a football team that participates in tournaments with neighboring gymnasiums.

However, the most important and traditional football match at Grenaa Gymnasium is the one between graduating students and teachers. It is played the day before the exam schedule is announced.

Additionally, various sports events arise throughout the year, such as a charity run in conjunction with Danmarks Indsamling (a national televised charity event) or a Friday Café football tournament on the grass, or even FIFA video game tournaments.

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