Talent development

For the academically strong and committed

The Academy for Talented Youth

Introduction to university level science and research

Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge (The Academy for Talented Youth) takes place at Aarhus University.

Over a two-year period, you participate in a programme along with students from other upper-secondary schools, where you become acquainted with various disciplines at the university.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet both researchers and students, gaining insights into what it’s like to study at a university and live as a student in a city like Aarhus.

Juniortalent Djursland

Being talented is being cool!

Junior Talent is for academically talented and motivated students in the upper grades of primary school.

The program consists of four full days during 8th and 9th grade.

Each time, there is a common academic theme organized by teachers from two subjects.

It takes place at Grenaa Gymnasium.

Science Club

For you if you are keen on natural sciences

The activities in the Science Club are chosen and planned by you and the other students in the club.

You can work on topics that go beyond the natural science subjects you have in high school.

You can receive assistance from teachers in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, physical geography, geology, and astronomy.

You can also use the Science Club to test experiments before the larger project assignments in STX, HF, and IB.

Writing Cup

For you if you’re keen on creativity with words

Skrive Cup (Writing Cup) is a competition in creative writing.

Every year, there is a theme, and high school students create their own literary texts based on it.

It begins in the fall, at home in the classroom with the Danish teacher, and in the spring, there are semifinals and a final.

The final takes place at Aarhus Theater, where the finalists present their literary works – and this can be done in many different ways.

Youth Spring Exhibition

Have a work of art exhibited

Ungdommens Vårsalon (Youth Spring Exhibition) is an annual series of art exhibitions featuring works created by young people.

You have the opportunity to submit works you have created for these exhibitions. The first exhibition is in neighbouring town Rønde, where the best works are selected to move on to the exhibition in Aarhus. From there, the best works are once again chosen to advance to the exhibition at Copenhagen City Hall.

Professionals with expertise in visual arts determine which works proceed.

Every year, students at Grenaa Gymnasium have one or more works featured in the Copenhagen exhibition, leading to a trip to Copenhagen, of course.

More extracurriculars at Grenaa Gymnasium

Music, litterature and art

Cultivate and enhance your artistic creativity

School magazine and SoMe

Unleash your inner journalist or instagrammer


Extracurricular sports activities is offering shared experiences


The Student Council, committees, student teams

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