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Individuals and communities

HF Society

Subject package with Social Studies B, and Psychology C or Business Economy C.   

The Social Science subject package is a good choice if you are interested in how society functions, how it affects you, and how you can influence it.

You will also conduct your own research, for example, during elections, and you will have contact with the world outside the gymnasium when we go on trips or have visitors at school.

Social Studies B in HF

The individual, the many, and how they are interconnected.

In Social Studies at B-level, we work with politics,

sociology, and economics.

Here are some examples of what we work with:

  • Why do so many young people not thrive?
  • How does the energy crisis affect you?
  • Why do people hold the beliefs they do?
HF fagpakke samfund

All subjects in HF Society

Subject package, elective subjects and mandatory subjects

There are written assignments, both larger and smaller ones.

You do some of the homework at school.

You complete subjects every six months.

You have exams in all subjects.

There are no grades during the school year, but   you receive continuous feedback from your teachers.

What can you become with HF Society?

HF Social Studies provides you with the opportunity to pursue further studies in fields such as:

Primary school teacher, educator, social worker, marketing economist, or communications consultant.

At Uddannelsesguiden’s Adgangskortet you can see which educational programs HF Sport can provide access to.

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Do you have questions?

Please contact one of our counsellors if you have further questions.

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