Art at Grenaa Gymnasium

A part of everyday life at school

Art at Grenaa Gymnasium

The decades’ contemporary art

Taking a stroll through the corridors, common areas, offices, and yes, even the teachers’ restrooms at Grenaa Gymnasium, one will encounter art from every decade of the school’s existence.

For instance, there’s Eickhoff’s Navigare, a reclining woman sculpture (1967), which no one can miss as it is prominently placed in the pool of the columned hall. Countless are the disguises “the lady” has adorned over time, often changing for themed school events.

In the canteen, you can’t help but notice artworks like Richardt Mortensen’s lithographic series Signatur (1972) and Erik A. Frandsen’s Untitled (1987).

The New Carlsberg Foundation

The vast majority of the artworks date from the 1990s and onwards. This is due, in part, to the generous contributions of the Ny Carlsberg Foundation, which “deposited” 15 significant and visually striking works at Grenaa Gymnasium in 1997 and 21 works in 2014.

These are pieces that the school’s art budget would never have been able to afford and they truly come to life in harmony with the architecture and each other.

This can be seen, for instance, in Cai-Ulrich von Platen’s monumental painting Untitled (2011), which has become a neighbor to Viera Collaro’s light artworks Ringen and Rainbow Fragments (1995).

Integrating the art works

The artworks at the school are naturally integrated in the lessons when ever relevant.

The Ny Carlsberg Foundation is behind the educational website “Tæt på kunsten” (Close to the Art). It provides teaching materials for upper-secondary level use, and Grenaa Gymnasium is naturally included.

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