Visit Grenaa Gymnasium's Boarding School

Visit the Boarding School

Experience the nice atmosphere at Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school

Meet students and teachers, see rooms and common areas.

You can visit the Boarding School and Grenaa Gymnasium when we have Open House in November and late January/early February.

You can also book a physical or online guided tour.

Find the Boarding School

Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School is located 60 km from Aarhus, and there are good flight, train, and bus connections.

The Boarding School is a 10-minute walk from Grenaa Traffic Terminal and 23 km from Aarhus Airport.

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Do you have questions?

Please contact us if you have further questions regarding Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School.

Picture of Thomas Stenumgaard Lind
Thomas Stenumgaard Lind

Head of Boarding School
Tlf.: 60123906

Picture of Marie Ahlburg
Marie Ahlburg

Boarding School Secretary
Tlf.: 87584075

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