IB Cap Ceremony

Celebration and goodbyes

Celebrating the efforts

The greatest and happiest IB event that ends your time as an IB students

Every year at Grenaa Gymnasium, we look forward to seeing the many happy faces among the graduating students and their families.

Below, you can read about how you can participate in celebrating the IB graduate student in your family at the school.

You can find the specific dates in the Calendar.

Read about the STX and HF students Graduation Ceremony here (in Danish)

Final exam days

Days of joy and relief

The exam schedule changes from year to year, but usually the last exam day for the individual student is in mid-May.

During the last week of exams the school prepares a room where relatives and friends can celebrate with their graduate IB student.

Cap Ceremony

The best party of the year

 This is the ceremony where each student formally receives their cap and graduation papers. The final IB Diploma results will appear in July.

It is a wonderfull party where families arrive from around the world or participate online. There will be speeches by Head of School, IB Coordinator and students as well as entertainment and delicious snacks.

The formal part of the celebration is followed by informal mingling of families and teachers.

This occasion is always an emotional and memorable event that marks happy conclusion of your efforts and experience at Grenaa Gymnasium 

 See the date of the next Cap Ceremony here

Do you have questions?

Please contact our IB Secretary if you have further questions.

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