Grades and feedback

Academic evaluation and formative feedback at Grenaa Gymnasium

Grades and feedback

Grades help indicate whether one is learning what is required.

However, grades alone do not reveal which specific aspects of a subject have been acquired or what needs further work.

A grade also does not explain how one can improve.

In other words, individual students require formative feedback.

Formative feedback

Grades less often

Most of our students are aware of how important formative feedback is.

However, the grade often overshadows the formative feedback: In a very practical sense, students do not always read the teacher’s corrections and comments, resulting in them learning less than their potential allows.

Some students are also inhibited by constantly having grades “hanging over their heads.” They fear making mistakes and, as a result, participate less actively in class.

Therefore, we strive to ensure that students experience as grade-free a daily life as possible. This means that written assignments during the school year will generally not be graded.

Students in 1st STX, 1st HF and Pre-IB),  2nd STX, and IB1 receive grades less often than finishing year students.

Grades and feedback: when?

Schedule for grades and formative feedback


Exam grades in General Science and General Language.

Formative feedback in subjects related to the choice of study line (STX) or IB subjects


Mid-term grades and formative feedback.


Yearly grades.


Yearly exam grade in one subject.


Grades and formative feedback in Lectio.


Mid-term grades and written, formative feedback in Lectio.


Yearly grades in Lectio.


Yearly exam grades in all subjects in Lectio.


Grades and formative comments in Lectio.


Predicted exam grades (assessment by subject teachers).


Preliminary grades on project assignments (IAs) in subjects.


Exam grades in all subjects.

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