Science Festival 2023

Science Festival 2023

Fun and busy days at the local oceanarium

Grenaa Gymnasium på Naturvidenskabsfestivalen 2023

It is a solid tradition that Grenaa Gymnasium participates in the annual national Science Festival, which is held at the Kattegatcentret, and oceanarium, in Grenaa.

This year, the theme was Space inspired by the fact that Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen is out there right now. 

As always, STX students with physics, chemistry and physical geography had prepared to convey knowledge in theory and practice to the municipality’s primary school students.

But no matter what the theme is, a solid chemistry show is part of it. Naturally, the chemistry students took care of that. Once again this year, they had been given free rein by their teacher to put together the programme, and along the way, they explained and involved the primary school students.

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