IB Cap Ceremony at Grenaa Gymnasium

IB Cap Ceremony at Grenaa Gymnasium

The IB2 students finished their exams in May

IB Diploma Cap Ceremony 2023 at Grenaa Gymnasium

Many parts of the world represented at the festive occasion

The graduating class of the international matriculation exam IB Diploma completed their exams on 19 May, and on 22 May they were celebrated by their relatives and teachers in the school’s assembly hall.

Head of the IB department at Grenaa Gymnasium, Eike Strandsby, informs that there were 77 IB students this year, and that next year there will be over 80.
– In recent years, we have experienced a significant growth in the number of applicants for the IB programme, and are now at the point where we have to reject quite a few qualified applicants because there is simply no room for more at our boarding school, she explains.

– This means that we get students in with a good academic starting point in order to benefit from the teaching of our experienced teachers. The IB program gives the students a lot to do, but we see and hear that the students and their parents are very happy with our school culture and the teachers’ commitment.

– We also see that they thrive in the special international environment, where being engaged in the world is a key point. They are active in Model United Nations, and they have formed a local branch of European Youth where they have given presentations to each other on current topics that matter for our future. Most recently, they had a visit from a Hungarian presenter who gave an insight into the democratic crisis in Hungary. On the whole, they challenge themselves and come up with what they want in connection with Danmarks Indsamling, a major national charity event and a theater concert at the school for charity, concludes Eike Strandsby.

The IB students can now breathe a sigh of relief, but must wait a little longer for the diploma itself. It will not be clear until the month of July, when the many written exam tasks have been graded by the IB organisation’s international censor corps.

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Grants were awarded at the IB Cap Ceremony

Kirsten Bech in memoriam
Lucie Urbanová, Sheena Woodwine, László Mikó and Frederik Rasmussen

Danske Bank – Academic Grant
Tomas Krechnak

Danske Bank – Boarding school
Maria Arcas Sambola

Djurslands Bank
Sofie Søndergaard Christensen
Gerd Bay Malmö

IB Learner Profile Award:
Gaja Gasparaityte, Luigi Amato

CAS Awards: Ema Kapcova

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