Science for Kids

Science for Kids

 Final-year students mentoring 10-year-olds to explore nature

This term a new leisure activity has been open to 4th graders in the local area as Grenaa Gymnasium hosts Videnskabsklubben (The Science Club) in one of it’s laboratories and provides the students that lead the club activities. During seven Tuesday afternoons twelve primary school students and three upper-secondary students have investigated evolutionary aspects of the biology of humans and other primates.

Videnskabsklubben på Grenaa Gymnasium

Higher level science students on being mentors

Albaraa Ammer Almuhamad, Magnus Grove Potempa og Amalie Balleby Karlsen explain about the activities.

– We’ve been teaching them on the basis of a leaflet produced by the association behind Videnskabsklubben. One example was an experiment with blindfolding one eye in order to experience not having three-dimensional vision like pigeons or rabbits that are prey. Another example was an experiment where the kids had to peel a banana with their thumbs taped – a mission impossible that was great fun, Magnus says.

The three STX-students agree that it is fun and good experience to test ones’ ability to pass on knowledge
to others. They all have high level chemistry and biology in their study programme.
– The topics themselves have not been difficult for us. The challenge is more related to maintaining the kids’ focus and concentration, she explains. So, improvisation is some times needed.

– They are always very keen and asking really good questions in the start, Albaraa explains. – I am impressed with the knowledge some of them have. And they are also very good at anwering the questions we ask them. So, when they can’t concentrate any more, we play football with them, hide and seek and things like that.

Magnus confirms that the fourth graders display great inquisitiveness. – Right from the beginning one of them asked if DNA would be on the programme some time. And later today it is when they will be modelling DNA with LEGO bricks. I’m confident they will have fun and so will we.

Talent Coordinator at Grenaa Gymnasium Kasper Severinsen explains that our students have prepared for the task by attending a one day training course together with students from other secondary schools. Apart from that they have carried out each session with the kids on their own.

What is Videnskabsklubben

Videnskabsklubben is a non-profit organization established in 2017 and funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation. Its purpose is allow children to have science as a leisure acitivity similar to football or learning to play an instrument. Hence the approach is playful and experimental.
In 2023 Videnskabsklubben will be represented in 41 towns and reach app. 1500 children and mentors

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