Teaching Environment

In the winter term 2020 Grenaa Gymnasium had a survey of the teaching environment conducted. The results were very satisfying and reflect our values and goals.

High Academic Standards
Grenaa Gymnasium is well-known for its good teaching environment. Our teachers have high academic standards and are ambitious on behalf of our students. We strive to get our students to see and make use of their academic potential, and while respecting the differences between students, we set out to strengthen their knowledge using innovative and interesting teaching methods.

It Takes All Kinds
The social environment also plays an important part at Grenaa Gymnasium. Our students are tolerant, social and welcoming to many different types of students. Students know each other regardless of which class or grade they are in. The fact that we have three different educations adds to the difference, since we have both English-speaking students from all over the world in the IB-program and older students in the HF-program (Higher Preparatory Exam).

Dedicated Teachers
We have a well-knit group of teachers. There is a good balance between new and experienced teachers, and all of them get along really well, which inevitably can be felt in class and in the interdisciplinary teamwork. Our teachers are very dedicated to teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Smiles at the Administration
Finally we have an administration where you can always get a smile and a helping hand. All students come into contact with the office at some point and those working there add to the good atmosphere at the school.

Everybody tries their best to make you feel well, because we believe that it is easier to learn when you are happy at school.