Art Exhibition CAS project

IB Students Organising Art Exhibition

Welcoming people from the local area at a combined art and halloween event

Grenaa Gymnasium is renown in the local area for its many dedicated and creative students, and they have not become fewer with the increased influx of international students for the IB Diploma programme. In the first weekend in November they invite the public to a combined art exhibition and Halloween/Day of the Dead activity day.

– This project is organized by a steering committee- of four students and the aim is to facilitate an exhibition possibility for the many artistically gifted students at school,” CAS coordinator Anders Walther explains. – And they themselves are definitely developing their organizational skills in the process, he adds.

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CAS artexhibition at Grenaa GymnasiumOne of the members of the steering committee, Darja Nikitina explains: – There will be a mixed Halloween and Day of the Dead theme in addition to the art exhibition itself. We also plan activities for the visitors to engage in. In one area you will be able to be artistic yourself under guidance from some of our talented students. In a different area there will activities for kids.
Darja further explains that there will be live music and that in a remote area in the basement there will be a horror movie cinema.

Mark Ionas, who is another member of the steering committee, explains that the event has grown out of an art exhibition last year that had to be cancelled due to corona lockdown. Now, however, ambitions have grown and around a hundred students all in all are involved in different tasks related to the event.

– This has really become a big common activity for us and we look very much forward to opening the doors to both students and staff at Grenaa Gymnasium and people from the local area. We hope many will come by and enjoy themselves, Mark says.

Art Exhibition CAS project