Teaterkoncert på Grenaa Gymnasium

What do the Seasons Sound Like?

An interpretation of this question in a joint musical effort of more than 120 students

It was an extraordinary pleasure this year to open the doors for the audience to come and enjoy Sign of the Times. This was a so called theater concert which is a musical show with cover numbers held together by a common theme. In this case the concept of Time.
– We live in challenging times where a pandemic has given us new insights and experiences for better and for worse, music teacher Ellen Møller says. – The show depicted the passing of a year’s changing seasons through a variety of musical genres and with dancers, bands, choire, soloists and visual effects.
– After a year made very unusual by lock down, we were very happy to be able to give our students the great experience it is to be part of a stage show whether it be on stage, creating and managing props and light effects or cooking for the weekend rehearsals.