How does Grenaa Gymnasium handle the spread of the Corona virus/Covid19?

Latest update March 11th 2020

During the last few days we have spoken to concerned students and parents about how Grenaa Gymnasium handles the spread of the Corona-virus/Covid19 in Denmark and in other countries.

At Grenaa Gymnasium, we follow the situation closely and keep informed about the recommendations and guidelines issued by the the Danish Foreign Ministry and the Danish Health Authority.

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The Danish Health Authority

The Danish Health Authority recommends that those who have travelled to areas where there is a special risk of catching the virus should stay quarantined for 14 days after returning to Denmark.

Recommendations of the Danish Health Authority  

Therefore, we urge students and employees who have travelled to areas with special risk to contact us about this by phone, or e-mail, to talk about the 14 day quarantine period which will then commence. Absence from lessons due to quarantine will be accepted and removed, but only when an agreement about the quarantine period has been made with the school.

We are extra observant with students who are ill, and have a general focus on increased mouth and hand-hygiene, such as hand-washing, as well as close contact.

Will study trips etc be cancelled?

We follow the travel guidelines of the Danish Foreign Ministry. If the guideline to a given country or area does not state that all unnecessary travel should be avoided, then we travel to our planned destination (orange and red categories on the website of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) This applies to both language skills trips, general study trips and other excursions.

If the Danish Foreign Ministry changes its guidelines and advices against travel to a given destination, then we will cancel the trip. Everyone involved will be notified directly.

Travel guidelines of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Danish)

The boarding school

At the boarding school we are also extra vigilant about the hand-hygiene of students and employees. We have special focus on students who fall ill, and following the guidelines of the Danish Health Authority.

As per March 11th the following regulations apply:

  • Areas closed: the study rooms on 1st and and 3rd floor, the movie room, and the gamer room. We also recommend that you do not use the gym in the boarding school basement
  • All events and activities are cancelled. For example theme nights, the Reunion Party on April 17th, Pump with JB, Meditation with Jens, use of the school’s exercise area etc.

All students and staff are informed about this

Can students travel home during the Easter Holiday?

If your child cannot travel back during the Easter Holiday due to the risk of catching the Corona-virus/Covid19, then you should consider where your child should spend the holiday. Please observe the areas marked as areas of high, or special risk wherefrom travellers are urged to take 2 weeks of leave, before re-entering Grenaa Gymnasium.

An area of special or high risk is defined as such if the Danish Foreign Ministry’s guidelines for the particular country advice against travelling to this country/area. (These are described as the orange and read columns in the guidelines)

Please stay updated by following this link: https://um.dk/da/rejse-og-ophold/rejse-til-udlandet/rejsevejledninger/

Remember that the actions taken at Grenaa Gymnasium with regards to limiting the risk of the Corona virus follow the guidelines and restrictions given by the Danish authorities. We follow their guidelines and restrictions fully.

Further questions?

If you have questions, you are very welcome to contact us

Rektor/ Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen hbk@grenaa-gym.dk

IB Coordinator Eike Strandsby es@grenaa-gym.dk

Boarding school leader Helle Høgh hh@grenaa-gym.dk

School Office telephone +45 8758 4050 (choose the Head of School, IB department at the school, or the boarding school to reach)