Genåbning for afgangselever Covid 19

Pre-IB and IB1 students to continue online classes

IB2 Graduation Ceremony postponed

This week the Danish authorities started a gradual and cautious opening of schools in Denmark that allows pre- and primary school children and seniors in lower and upper secondary back in the schools.

This means that Pre-IB and IB1 students at Grenaa Gymnasium have to continue online classes with their teachers at least until May 10th.

Best case and worst case scenarios

IB Coordinator at Grenaa Gymnasium Eike Strandsby explains: “Currently the spread of Covid 19 is under control in Denmark and if this is sustained, it is likely that the authorities will allow a further opening of schools from May 10th. If so, we are confident that we will be able accomplish a lot of catching up, for example regarding science IAs.”

“This is the best case scenario, and it is at this point not an unrealistic one,” Ms Strandsby says. “However, we are of course also preparing for the worst case scenario that Pre-IB and IB1 students will not be allowed back in this term. If that turns out to be the case further information will follow.”

Graduation Ceremony

For the IB2 students the case is that they are scheduled to finish classes in the end of April, and as many of them have gone home abroad during the lock down they will not return for neither classes, nor the written examinations, the latter having been cancelled this year.

“We hope, however, to be able to welcome all of them and their next of kin for a Graduation Ceremony on June 27th,” Eike Strandsby says. “We hope that restrictions on gatherings will have been lifted considerably by the end of June, so that we celebrate our IB2s as we do every year.”

Further information about end of school for Grenaa Gymnasium’s IB2s is available in a message sent on Lectio to all IB2 students.