Ny Carlsbergfondet på Grenaa Gymnasium

Art Learning Site

New learning site with art at Grenaa Gymnasium

Anyone who has visited Grenaa Gymnasium knows that no matter where you are there are contemporary art works catching the eye and allowing for an unexpected thought or a feeling. Most of the art collection at the school are deposited works from the New Carlsberg Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation.

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The works of art are of course integrated into learning activities, not only in Visual Arts but also Design and language acquisition classes. Because of a new learning site funded by the New Carlsberg Foundation students in all parts of Denmark now have access to a closer look at selected works at Grenaa Gymnasium.
– I am so overwhelmingly happy for this, says visual arts teacher Helle Due-Pedersen. The collection at Grenaa Gymnasium is the result of many years’ dedicated and far-sighted art policy efforts. “When visual art colleagues visit us they are stunned by what they see here and want to go home to their own schools and have an art policy there too, she explains.

The new learning site (Tæt på Kunsten) is developed by to upper-secondary teachers and also contains works of art on other schools in Denmark and over a hundred suggested learning activities for a variety of subjects. Helle Due-Pedersen and two other teachers at Grenaa Gymnasium have been sparring partners on the activities relating to the art works at Grenaa Gymnasium.

The site also has videos with some of the artists explaining about their works represented on the site. Among others Amalie Jakobsen, who graduated from Grenaa Gymnasium in 2008, shares her thoughts and ideas about the sculpture Shape Shifter that she made for Næstved Gymnasium.Cai Ulrich von Platen på Grenaa Gymnasium