The STX is a 3-year upper-secondary programme that qualifies students for a wide range of further education programmes at universities, vocational university colleges and business colleges in Denmark and abroad.

The STX programme focuses on general education and general study preparation within the humanities, natural science and social science.

The STX programme aims to develop the students’ critical, creative and innovative skills and to enable them to become democratically minded and involved citizens.

 STX basic programme at Grenaa Gymnasium

Duration: 3 months
The basic programme is compulsory and introduces the students to subjects and academic methods. It also prepares the students to choose between the specialized study programmes offered.

STX Specialized study programmes

Duration: 2,75 years
• Grenaa Gymnasium offers 11 different lines of specialized study programmes.
• In the Specialized Study Programme each line is constituted by three subjects creating a focus on either language, music, social science or natural science.
• The Specialized Study Project: Research for and writing of an extensive essay.
• Compulsory subjects constitute the majority of the programme and secure each student’s general education.
• Electives
• Multi-subject coursework focusing on academic methods.

Special STX-features at Grenaa Gymnasium

The Global Study lines are social science lines with emphasis on empowering students to be active learners with a global horizon.
Grenaa Gymnasium is a member of the network Global High Schools
• Talent development (also for IB-students)

Further information on the STX-programme