The Boarding School rules.

You have chosen the boarding school as your home for the next period of your youth. It will definitely become an exciting time for you where you need to structure your everyday routine.

It is surprisingly easy for more than two hundred people to live together under the same roof when everyone knows, understands and adheres to the same set of rules. You are therefore required to read these rules, and when you sign your boarding school application, you also agree to follow them.

New students at the boarding school are always given an explanation of the house rules.
If you have any doubts, please ask the staff.

Boarding School Values

At Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school we value community, mutual respect and togetherness. Our goal is to provide you with safe surroundings and good study conditions, while at the same time giving you an amazing experience. The boarding school is an open and tolerant environment with room for everyone across nationalities and cultures.