Erwin Wurm billedkunst online på Grenaa Gymnasium

One Minute Artworks

Online teaching in the time of corona

First and second year upper-secondary students in Denmark are not included in the current 2nd phase of lifting restrictions to prevent spread of corona virus, so they will not return to school until August when the new school year begins.

We are many at Grenaa Gymnasium, especially the teachers, who fully understand that it is increasingly difficult for students to maintain motivation and good spirits when week after week one has to spend most hours facing the computer online undervisning i billedkunst på grenaa gymnasiumscreen.

Therefore our teachers strive to invent new forms of assignments and exercises that can be done away from the screen. Visual Arts teacher Helle Due-Pedersen asked her first year students to do a brief online-research on the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures, to make and assessment of genre and category of aesthetics and lastly to create and take photos of their own 60 seconds artworks.

The students’ works were then part of a competition. Head of school and the visual arts teacher announced the winners. The prizes were food tickets for the canteen.
Winners’ and finalists’ works are shown here.