Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium på Ungdommens Vårsalon 2021

Students’ Art Works in Print

Students from Grenaa Gymnasium represented at the final online Young People’s Spring Exhibition

It seems that young people’s creativity is not a force that is held back by the Covid 19 pandemic. Again this year a number of first year students from Grenaa Gymnasium are represented at Ungdommens Vårsalon (Young People’s Spring Exhibition), a censored art exhibition for youngsters between 13 and 18 years of age. This year’s theme is On The Other Side.

Nine works from Grenaa Gymnasium made it through to the final exhibition that under normal circumstances is at the Town Hall in Copenhagen, but this year is an online exhibition. As it appears this year’s theme has resulted in works with very different motives and forms.

Furthermore, four out of the nine works from Grenaa Gymnasium have been selected for a print cataloque with the 10 best works of the exhibition.

Emilie Søndergaard Ud af mørket

A New Experience

Emilie Søndergaard and Kristoffer Kristensen are among those who will soon be able to see their work in print. Emilie’s water colour is called Out of the Darkness.

Under ground it is dark and sad because of the corona virus, but on the other side light is coming through and soon the virus will be no longer, Emilie explains about her painting.

I really like that the cataloque will be with young artists’ works and not only those of professionals. It is interesting because it is different and something that I haven’t done before, she says.

Kristoffer is also happy to be represented at the exhibition.

This year because of the corona virus it is not quite the same, because the works were to be exhibited in Aarhus and those passing also in Copenhagen, but still it has been a tremendous experience. I spent many hours during the winter break working on my painting, adding many surprising details that you can’t see in the online representation, he explains.

The title of Kristoffer’s painting is (On the other side) Of War.
The work is inspired by my Dad, who was 23 years in the army and is now a veteran, Kristoffer explains. He often talks about the difference between life in a country at war and a life with the

Grenaa Gymnasium på Ungdommens Vårsalon 2021

Kristoffer Kristensen (På den anden side af) Krigen

ability to cross the border into what seems a utopian, peaceful society.
– I’d characterize my work as absorbing, because when you look at it you become absorbed by the many details and by the contrast between the two sides.

The following students from Grenaa Gymnasium are represented at the exhibition.

Thomas B. Alrø Lerche, Maj M. Krøyer, Mathilde Skødt, Julia Ida N. Jørgensen, Mette Hansen, Matilde Lund Kristensen and Janigaa Vijayakumar. See their works below.