Grenaa Gymnasium at Ungdommens Vårsalong 2019

A Day of Experiencing Art

Again this year Grenaa Gymnasium was well represented at the annual Youth Spring Exhibition in Copenhagen.

Traditionally Visual Arts students from Grenaa Gymnasium manage to have works represented at the Youth Spring Exhibition (Ungdommens Vårsalong) at the Copenhagen Townhall. This year 11 works had qualified and they were created by students attending IB, as well as our two national upper-secondary programmes, STX and HF.

Grenaa Gymnasiums participation is possible due to cooperation with a youth center in the local area, Syddjurs Ungdomsskole. They had again this year arranged for a bus taking the students on a day trip to Copenhagen, so that they could experience the opening ceremony with speeches, waiters dressed in white and the famous townhall pancakes.

Copenhagen Contemporary and the Glyptotek

Sofie Beider Andreasen, IB1 explains: Before we went to see our works at the Vårsalong, we went to Copenhagen Contemporary. Here we were guided through a few of the exhibitions and saw them in ways we would not otherwise have thought of. At one of the works, a piece of installation art, we were allowed to interact with the work itself. We were given a nail and were told we were allowed to leave marks on the wooden parts of the installation. It was very interesting and is definitely something worth seeing.”

Her classmate Milana Cerniha continues: “After Copenhagen Contemporary we had free time, so my art teacher and I went to visit the Glyptotek, which was amazing. We saw Danish golden age art, Egyptian art, etc.”
Finally, the time came for me to visit the Copenhagen Townhall. There were many people and many different artworks, so you could easily get lost in there. It was nice to try the famous townhall pancakes. So at the end of the day we all got really tired but I ended up being very happy and thankful for this great experience.”

Grenaa Gymnasium på Ungdommens Vårsalong 2019