Teaterkoncert 2019 på Grenaa Gymnasium

Theater Concert at Grenaa Gymnasium

150 of the school’s students have played their parts on and behind the stage.

Three nights in March Grenaa Gymnasium welcomed a lot of parents, grand parents and siblings, who had bought tickets for this year’s great musical performance, In the Name of Love.
Anna Sofie Binder, who is a 3rd year student, explains: “The recurrent theme of all the performances was love as one can experience it through one’s life stages. From falling in love till the end of love.”

The theme of love was illustrated through a great variety of genres – pop, rock, old American evergreens and even a Danish revue song from 1939.

The show was created by students in cooperation with the music teachers. “Nine students together with two music teachers started working on it last fall and they have laid out the overall framework for all the sub-teams, who have then worked out the details and the realization of this year’s theme,” Anna explains. For example the dancers created much of choreography themselves.

Teaterkoncert 2018 på Grenaa GymnasiumAnna has been part of the PR-team. “In the PR-team our job was to keep an eye out in all the teams. We informed about and branded the show through – for example we had little competitions, interviews and we produced a poster,” she explains.
“To me it was a really nice experience to be part of it all. You get to know more people outside your own class and year, and there’s this feeling of unity because we all work so hard to to make it a great show.”
Every second year there is a theater concert or musical at Grenaa Gymnasium. “In my first year, I was one of the dancers,” Anne explains. “I’ve had a great experience both times.”