Studieture 2021 Grenaa Gymnasium

Paris, Berlin, Munich and Vienna

Understanding better what one sees with one’s own eyes

Recently the third year STX-students and the second year HF-students returned from their study trips, their minds and hearts satiated with impressions and experiences.

The purpose of study trips is of course not to be like any holiday trip. A study trip should make you to go places and meet people you wouldn’t think of your self or not be able to get into contact with on your own.

Studieture 2021 Grenaa Gymnasium

When in Paris you will of course not miss the Eiffel Tower – not even on a study trip. But perhaps there will also be a city walk with a specific subject related focus. Or you gain insights into life choices or circumstances very different from your own. Meeting with two dominican monks in Vienna explaining about their life at the convents for example, or two jewish teenagers who experience antisemitism on an almost daily basis.

Below are more pictures from September’s trips. The IB2 students will go to Copenhagen in November as the Covid 19 pandemic made their study trip last year impossible. The IB1 students will go to Amsterdam in the spring term.