Eleverne på Grenaa Gymnasium samler ind til Operation Dagsværk

Operation One-Day’s Work at Grenaa Gymnasium

Joint lesson for all students kicked off this year’s Operation One Day’s Work fundraising

Tuesday, October 22nd the famous Operation One Day’s Work fashion show took place at Grenaa Gymnasium. The Operation One Day’s Work Committee had decorated the Assembly Hall and had most of the music students contribute musically. This made the event event more festive and fun.

Prior to the fashion show representatives from the Operation One Day’s Work head office in Copenhagen explained about this year’s project. Operation One Day’s Work is always about young people in Denmark pausing their own education for one day to help young people in a different part of the world to have education. This year the funds raised will go to a project in Uganda helping young disabled persons to overcome prejudice and discrimination and aquire vocational training to be able to earn a living.

The students at Grenaa Gymnasium are usually very good at raising funds. On the Operation One Day’s Work, November 6th, they will have all kinds of jobs at local firms and in private homes just for the day, there will be a school party for the benefit of the project and a Friday Café.