Niels Lan Doky Trio visited Grenaa Gymnasium

Music students and teachers had an amazing jazz experience

On Friday September 11the Niels Lan Doky Trio visited Grenaa Gymnasium and gave a school concert.

It is not often that jazz musicians of international repute choose to start their national tour in Grenaa and so it was indeed a very special event for our students and of a kind which some of them might not have sought on their own initiative. This is indeed a main purpose for Niels Lan Doky giving school concerts: to expose young people to a music genre that they are perhaps not very familiar with.

Niels Lan Doky has an international perpective on his homeland Denmark which make him notice things that perhaps many Danes take for granted. After the concert at Grenaa Gymnasium he wrote a post on his Facebook page. Among other things he said:

It was fantastic to visit the school and its impressive facilities and wonderful staff and faculty, and it was also really great to interact with the young folks and not least get their feedback on some of the Modern Standards that I have been working on (jazz renditions of current pop songs) and which we played a few of in addition to some of my original compositions.

Seeing a school like that makes me proud of being a Dane. Education has been a political priority here in Denmark for a very long time and Grenaa Gymnasium is a prime example of a wonderful high leveled school environment, accessible to all (tuition free). They even have an international division so we did the lecture in English.

We had a great time visiting them!