Gymnasiestart 2019 på Grenaa Gymnasium

New School Year Start at Grenaa Gymnasium

On August 12th 172 new students had their first school day as upper-secondary students at Grenaa Gymnasium

The new first year students were first greeted by Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen in the Assembly Hall, and after this they gathered with their new classmates and some of their teachers all over the school. This first day was filled with fun and engaging cooperative exercises to allow them to get acqainted and to learn find their way at the school.

Grenaa Gymnasium’s programme of introduction for first year students includes among other activities a 24 hour stay at an outdoor activity center, and especially during the first months systematic efforts are made to make sure no student feels lonely in his or her class.

Parents to students at Grenaa Gymnasium might find Parents’ FAQs usefull.