Stephan Oppenhagen er ny køkkenleder på Grenaa Gymnasiums kostskole

New International Head Chef

Increased admission to Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School

Grenaa Gymnasium has experienced a significant increase in the number of students admitted to Pre-IB and IB. The majority of the Pre-IB and IB students at Grenaa Gymnasium live at the boarding school.

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Therefore the boarding school’s kitchen staff capacity has been extended with a new position as Head Chef so that the high standard of the meals at the boarding school will be maintained.

Stephan Oppenhagen is the new Head Chef. He comes from an executive position at a hotel in Manila. “I have spent 20 years in the hotel- and restaurant business in many different places in the world. Now I would like to use my skills in a different context,” he explains. “My passion lies with the produce and creating fantastic meals within the limits of a budget.”

He continues, “I am very interested in cultures and their people. So I am very happy to be here at Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School because it is indeed a very international environment.”

Stephan Oppenhagen has brought with him his teenage son who is enrolled in Pre-IB at Grenaa Gymnasium.