Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium på Naturvidenskabsfestival 2021 Helt vildt

The Wildest Things at the Oceanarium

How far can aeresols travel? – students from Grenaa Gymnasium demonstrating science

After a year’s unintended pause due to Covid 19 the national Natual Sciences Festival took place again and in Grenaa at the oceanarium, Kattegatcentret. True to tradition and this year’s theme students from Grenaa Gymnasium were busy at their stands explaining and demonstrating some of the the “wildest things” related to nature that the natural sciences shed light upon.

Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium på Naturvidenskabsfestival 2021 på KattegatcentretSome of the students with high level Chemistry or Physics entertained and informed through a chemistry-and-physics show with lots of colours and noise. Students following the biotechnology course had support from the local garbage disposal company to demonstrate how bioplast can be produced out of milk and vinegar. They also had a Corona Physics Stand were they demonstrated how one finds out how far areosols, including the corona virus carrying ones, can travel. The answer is by the way 2 meters and they stay afloat for up to eight hours. One of the “wildest things” indeed.

Among the wildest things are of course also natural disasters. So students with natural geography brought models of vulcanoes that they had made, of Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium på Naturvidenskabsfestival 2021 på Kattegatcentrettectonics to be able to illustrate how earth quakes happen, and of a tsunami.
Usually, the Natural Sciences Festival is a great experience to our students and this year’s was no exception. It was the culmination of many hours of preparation. Many of them remember visiting the festival during their middle school years to learn from the upper-secondary teenagers at the stands. Now they are the ones running the stands, doing their best to show how interesting and important science is and perhaps saying hi to their old teachers from their middle school years.