Kemi A på Grenaa Gymnasium

High Level Chemistry paves the way to a wide range of further educations

Third year STX science students from Grenaa Gymnasium went to Copenhagen to see chemistry applied. And some pandas.

In November the STX high level chemistry students went on a two day excursion to Copenhagen to become more aware of how their knowledge and skills related to chemistry might benefit them in their choice of further education.

Naturvidenskab på Grenaa GymnasiumHigh level Chemistry at Grenaa Gymnasium forms part of the specialized study programme that also offers high level Math and middle level Physics. This opens doors to a variety of science based further educations, like engineering, pharmaceutics and medicine.

Amalie Mark 3.x explains: “This was a very well organized trip where we gained better understanding of how chemistry might be applied in the future. One of the places we visited was the Medical Museion where we learned about how diseases where diagnosed and treated in the past compared to how it is done today.”

Her classmate Mathias Sørensen adds: “This trip helped me realise what I can do with chemistry. We Naturvidenskabelige studieretninger på Grenaa Gymnasiumattended a lecture at the Pharma School about snake poison and how to treat snake bites.

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“I also liked the evening programme a lot,” Mathias continues. “We played board games at a café. All in all it was a super-nice and educational excursion that will become a happy memory for me.”
Chemistry teacher Hanne Krøyer had planned the trip, but given the students free hands to decide one of the activities. And so they went to the Zoo to see the Chinese panda bears..

Anne Sørensen explains: “Even though we spent most of the time on lectures and experiments at university labs, we also managed to have some leisure time together. The visit at the Zoo was very enjoyable.