Teaterkoncert Grenaa Gymnasium

Theater Concert in Corona Times

Final year students giving Queen-inspired show

Grenaa Gymnasium has a strong tradition for a great musical show every second year. This year the Covid-19 pandemic has made it’s mark on the Queen-inspired show called Under Pressure.

50 final year students were involved in all parts of the production from soloperformances and band to sound and light. “Due to corona-restrictions this years show was of a limited scale,” music teacher Ellen Møller says, “and it also inspired the stage show for one of the songs. It turned out to become a very fine show and we are very happy with it.”

Ellen Møller further explains that first and second year students will perform a new show in the spring. “This way everybody gets the chance to have this wonderfull experience of being part of a big project where everybody’s contribution counts,” she says.

Teaterkoncert på Grenaa Gymnasium