Latinholdet på Grenaa Gymnasium besøger Antikmuseet

Latin class visiting the ancient Romans … almost

Recently, the students in Grenaa Gymnasium’s Latin class went to Aarhus with their teacher to visit the Museum of Ancient Art at Aarhus University.

“It was really nice to go on a trip, because Latin can feel a bit heavy. So it was good to get an experience of Latin in a different way. It gave me a better understanding of Roman culture,” Thea Damborg Iversen explains.

Mikkel Vayland Handsen adds: “At the Museum of Ancient Art a guide explained to us about roman sculpture. Some of them were portraits of persons we read about in class.”

“Latin is very different from other subjects, but very interesting,” Mikkel continues. “It is very helpful when learning other languages and it is also great to learn about Rome and how this city was founded.”

Thea explains further about learning Latin: “It takes a long time to translate the sentences, because you have to do syntactic analyses. But already after the first few lessons of Latin you see the connections between Latin and Spanixh and this is a big help. Latin is also helpful in history if you are doing a unit on the Roman Empire.”

At Grenaa Gymnasium standard level Latin is part of the Specialized Study Programme with higher level English and Spanish.

Grenaa Gymnasiums latinhold på Antikmuseet