Seaman Seaweed Chips sponserede chips til elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium

Off to Kenya with seaweed crisps in the trolleys

Students from Grenaa Gymnasium introduced a possible future food to Kenyan students

Recently students from Grenaa Gymnasium went on an exchange trip to Nairobi, Kenya. They stayed with students attending Nairobi Academy and during their visit at the school they gave a brief talk about Denmark and Grenaa.

Among other things they explained about the national election earlier this year where climate changes were much debated. In continuation of this they introduced their audience to seaweed crisps that had been sponsored by a local firm in Grenaa, Seaman Seaweed Chips. The students explained about the many good reasons why seaweed should be processed to human food: It is nutritious, it is good for the water environment and it is a resource that does not demand new areas of farm land.

In Kenya plasic bags are banned, so it was a good thing that the crisps were of course packed in plastic free bags. The Kenyan students got to see and feel the bags and have a taste of the crisps.

Seaman Seaweed Chips is not the only local business that contributed to the trip to Kenya. Also Kattegatcentret, the local oceanarium, sponsored bags produced entirely of re-cycled material for the students. The bags were used to carry second-hand clothes for orphans that have lost their parents to AIDS. Mr. George Djamba who is a teacher at Nairobi Academy and a driving force behind Angelina Children’s Home received the bags with clothes on behalf of the orphans.

Kattegatcentret sponserede muleposer til elever på Grenaa Gymnasium